2024 Onion Transplant Season has wrapped up.

Reservations for 2025 orders will open up in the fall.


Conventional and Certified Organic Onion Transplants since 1978

The Sunbelt Difference


Our family has been commercially growing onions from seed to transplants for onion growers for over 40 years. Locatied in Buckeye, Arizona, our climate and soil type provide the perfect conditions for onion transplants.

Commercial growers trust us as their premiere transplant provider to ensure availability of their early season onions each year. Now is your chance to get those same premiere onion transplants for your farm, market garden, garden center, or nursery.

Why Onion Transplants?

Sunbelt Transplants supplies growers with bare root onion transplants. Bare root transplants are the superior choice of three growing options; plug transplants, onion sets, and bare root transplants. Plugs are grown in a greenhouse then transplanted to the field. Greenhouses do not allow onions to harden off by subjecting them to adverse weather conditions in an open air environment. Onion Sets are dried bulbs from last year’s crop. They do not size up as well at maturity and have a tendency to bolt. Bare Root transplants are grown from seed in open field conditions which help with hardiness, bolting, and size at maturity. Bare root onion transplants from Sunbelt Transplants are the reliable choice to make consistent yields year after year.  

Organic Onion Transplants

Sunbelt Transplants offers growers the option to buy organically certified onion transplants from our farm. Growers can choose from a number of different varieties and day lengths to fit your needs.

Due to your OVERWHELMING demand, organic transplants are SOLD OUT for 2024!


Grow Onion Transplants

Onion Transplants grown by Sunbelt have been meticulously planted, irrigated, grown, and harvested with your end bulb onion in mind. Our growing practices focus on growing the healthiest plant for you. That means you receive 8-10 week-old transplants ready for your garden, farm, or customers’ farms. We promise that you will be thrilled with your onion transplants from us, just as our year-over-year commercial onion grower customers continue to rely on our family-farm for their onion transplant needs. Want to grow like the professionals? Grow Sunbelt Transplants!

Marketing Onions

Getting the most out of your onion crop is your goal! Learn more about ways to market your onions in stages to keep your customers coming back week after week!


Volume Discounts Available!

Interested in 20 onion plant cases or more? We are happy to help! Send us an email for a customized price quote.