Our Plant Promise

Farmers shaking hands in onion field

As fellow farmers, we promise that onion plant health is our top priority all growing season long at Sunbelt Transplants! Our farming practices focus on providing what the plant needs, when the plant needs it from water to feed to harvest never applying any unnecessary chemicals.

We ship only our healthiest plants that are hand-harvested by our caring harvesters with your bulb-onion needs in mind. Our plants are shipped dry, never introducing moisture, as dry onion plants transplant most successfully.

Once planted, onion plants will grow new roots and tops. Our onions plants can survive off of their stored carbohydrates in the bulb for up to 6 weeks after harvest as long as they are kept dry. Remember that even if the plants look dried out, they will come back to life once planted and watered in the ground.

We promise that if you aren’t completely satisfied, contact us so that we have the opportunity to make the deal right. We are excited to serve your onion plants needs!