Organic White Spanish Onion Plants


30 or 60 Bundle Case | ≈ 75 Plants per Bundle

  • Type: White Semi-Sweet Open-pollinated
  • Daylength: Long
  • Shape: Globe
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Maturation: 105 days
  • Storability: 4+ months

White Spanish or Ringmaster is the white long-day variety grown by commercial growers. This mild, white onion has dark green tops that can be harvested early to market as green onions. White Spanish is an open-pollinated variety that provides foliar disease resistance. If you’re looking for the perfect onion ring variety, this is your best bet – large, white, single-centered mildly sweet bulbs! Middle of the road storage potential of about 5 months. We now provide this variety organically for our organic growers.


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